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Why divorces go up in the month of January

Michigan residents would not be wrong if they thought that divorce seemed more common during the month of January. January has actually been called “Divorce Month” because of how many filings are made right at the beginning of the year. Even searches in online platforms that involve things related to divorce go up during January.

One of the factors that may be behind why January is now being called Divorce Month is the fact that couples experience a lot of stress during the holiday season. It is a time when people are spending more money, they are spending more time with in-laws, and they are traveling at a hectic time of the year. All of these things may lead a person to feel like they do not want to spend another holiday season with a spouse whom they are not getting along with. However, instead of announcing a divorce to the family during the holidays, they may wait until January.

Another factor is that many people start thinking about making improvements in their life at the beginning of the year. They may feel that it is no longer in their best interest to stay with their spouse. While the divorce process is not easy, focusing on kindness can make the situation better for everyone, especially children. A peaceful divorce will leave everyone’s emotional well-being as intact as possible. Also, it is likely to save the couple money.

An individual who has questions about the divorce process may wish to discuss their circumstances with an attorney. An attorney may discuss how a divorce will affect a person’s finances and provide information about the division of property and financial support. The attorney may also provide information about what is needed to get child custody or to plan parenting time.