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Britney Spears may want more custody time with her sons

Many people in Michigan grew up as fans of Britney Spears’ music, but the celebrity has lived a troubled life for many years, especially after she experienced mental health issues. According to reports, she may be planning to go back to family court in order to seek more custody of her children. In September 2019, the celebrity and her former husband, Kevin Federline, revised their prior custody agreement. They had a 50-50 joint custody agreement for a number of years, but the revised agreement gave Federline 70% custody as Spears addressed mental health challenges.

Sources said that Spears plans to go back to court in the coming year to revise the agreement again to return to 50-50 custody or seek more than 30% of time with her two sons. Child custody challenges can be difficult even for former couples that have a relatively amicable relationship. Even when one former spouse does not want to deprive the other of time with their children, mothers and fathers often want the most amount of time with their kids possible.

In Spears’ case, Federline has been the primary custodial parent for a long time, even when they shared physical custody of the kids. Spears has been under a conservatorship to manage her finances due to her mental health, and that could prove a barrier to increasing her share of custody. Since the couple’s sons are 13 and 14 years old, they are old enough to express their feelings about any changes to the custody order in family court.

Child custody cases can be challenging for anyone, even though most take place out of the eyes of tabloids and the global media. A parent who wants to change the situation may work with a family law attorney to seek a child custody modification.