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What can I expect during a supervised visit?

When it comes to child custody and visitation, courts prefer that both parents play a role in the life of their kids. However, if safety is a concern the judge might mandate supervised visits for the non-custodial parent. These visits entail having a third-party attend the visit with the parent and child. This can be a social worker, counselor, or even an impartial family member. While supervised visits often take place in a childcare center, they can also occur at a person’s home provided the situation is well-monitored.

Supervised visits typically come about when one parent has safety concerns about the other. This could stem from allegations of abuse or neglect, which the court takes very seriously. The parent may also have a substance abuse issue that prevents him or her from properly caring for a child during visits. When allegations are made, the court will investigate the matter fully to determine the best possible course of action. Supervised visits will be recommended until the investigation is complete or the other parent establishes that the problematic behavior has been corrected.

For example, if a parent does suffer from a substance abuse issue, he or she may attend a rehabilitation clinic and present documentation of completion to the court. If the court is concerned about a parent’s living situation, he or she can change residences to a home that is more suitable for children. If supervised visits were implemented during an investigation into parental fitness, they will continue until a final decision has been made.

If you’re the parent participating in the supervised visits, you must comply with the orders of the court. Doing so ensures you can spend time with your child, which is of the utmost importance. You should also take any other orders seriously, such as those recommending drug or alcohol rehab. If you have concerns about your ex when it comes to the safety of your child, make sure your attorney knows right away. That way you can take the proper steps to modify court orders regarding custody and visitation.