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Should I avoid social media when going through a divorce?

Social media usage during a divorce can be a touchy subject. While it might feel good to get things off your chest, you could find yourself in hot water for any posts you make involving your former spouse. To keep you on the straight and narrow until your divorce is final, Prevention offers the following advice.

Divorces are often tense. Even under the best of circumstances, you’re likely to feel some level of stress when it comes to hashing things out with your ex. Keep this in mind if you’re tempted to blame, bash, or otherwise insult your ex online. These barbs are only likely to increase tension between you, which will serve to make your divorce even more acrimonious. It can also hurt your children, who will still have a strong connection to your ex-partner regardless of how you feel.

Also, bear in mind the things you post online can be used as evidence in court. If you’re painting yourself as financially struggling but post about lavish vacations or luxury purchases, your ex can present this as evidence that you’re not being honest about your financial situation. Posting about finances can also leave you vulnerable to a contempt of court charge if you’re attempting to hide assets, which you should never do.

Most divorce attorneys recommend their clients take a break from social media while the divorce is ongoing. Even seemingly simple statements can come back to haunt you, and you don’t want to get pulled into needless drama or in-fighting involving your ex or other family members. You also don’t want to waste time spying on your ex or checking out his or her new partner, as this will likely only inflame any hurt you’re already feeling.