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Is my spouse being unfaithful?

Infidelity deals a huge blow to a marriage. As a result, many people in Michigan divorce over the actions of a cheating spouse, which can have a negative impact on the entire family unit. While you can’t stop your partner from straying you can educate yourself on the common signs of infidelity, as explained by Psychology Today.

Hiding phone or computer activities

While it’s natural to value one’s privacy, cheating spouses usually go above and beyond when it comes to keeping their phone and computers private. For instance, they may put a password on devices that didn’t have them before. They may also deny requests by their spouses when it comes to phone use, or take their mobile devices everywhere, even when they shower. While this is not always indicative of cheating, it should be cause for alarm if these behaviors are relatively new.

Changes in intimacy

Changes in your sex life that seemingly come out of nowhere may also be signs of cheating. Maybe you and your spouse are intimate less frequently because his or her passions are focused elsewhere. Instances of intimacy may also increase suddenly as a means to prevent you from becoming suspicious. The quality of your sex life may also change, as some partners with cheating spouses report that intimacy feels less emotionally connected than before.

Altered appearance

A person in a new relationship may also take a greater interest in his or her own appearance. This can be evident in the way one dresses, going from casual to more sophisticated attire without explanation. The person may also take a renewed interest in working out or eating right when in the past these weren’t priorities. Additionally, these changes may only take place when your spouse is going away from home, either for a work or social obligation.