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How can I discipline my child as a single parent?

Disciplining kids can be difficult under the best of circumstances. For single parents with sole custody in Michigan, dealing with behavioral issues is often far more challenging. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your child remains on a good path, while also ensuring that your relationship with your child remains healthy. Live About offers the following discipline tips suited to single parents.

What steps are involved in a contested divorce?

While divorces are rarely easy, some couples in Michigan are able to come to terms with major issues at the end of their marriage. For many others, establishing guidelines about custody, visitation, and property division can be all but impossible. Live About explains what goes on when divorces are contested, and what you can do to successfully navigate the process.

Using forensic accountants for an in-depth discovery process

Although many Michigan divorces finish quickly and amicably, proceedings that involve business owners or those with a high net worth can be lengthy. In complex divorces, it takes time to determine the value of each spouse’s estate and overall income. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C. we understand the complicated nature of property division and have experience negotiating fair and equitable asset distribution.

Set clear rules for co-parenting from the start

Making co-parenting work is something that requires you to put in an effort. You and your ex will have to decide to work together for the good of the children so that they can thrive. You can't focus on the adults in the picture because this can lead to your making decisions based on past hurts.

Do I need a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements aren’t just for the extremely wealthy. If you enter into a marriage with a reasonable number of assets or business interests, you should seriously consider implementing one to remain protected. Bankrate explains some of the basic components of prenups.

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