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Modifying your initial custody arrangement

Going through a Michigan divorce is challenging, even when all parties involved agree that it is for the best. After finalizing the settlement and parenting plan, life typically falls into a new routine. However, life changes over time and modifications to the custody arrangement must occur to keep up with those changes. At the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we have experience helping clients with child custody issues such as modifying court-approved parenting plans.

According to Verywell family, there are many reasons the current custody arrangement no longer fits the best interests of the child. As children grow up, they change schools, join athletic teams and other activities. Altering the current court orders to fit these needs enables your child’s way of life to continue uninterrupted.

The relocation of one parent is also a valid reason for modifying the custody arrangement. If the move makes the current visitation schedule impractical, the presiding judge considers several aspects of this type of request carefully.

  • Motivation behind the relocation
  • Whether you have tried to rework the schedule with your ex
  • How disruptive the move is to your child’s life

If your ex does not follow the existing visitation schedule and you have continually tried unsuccessfully to work it out, the court may agree to a modification. In most cases, the judge will investigate why your ex doesn’t follow the current parenting plan. He or she will also take into consideration whether you have been able to come to an alternative agreement.  Working out a mutually-agreed upon option can make the court proceedings smoother and less time-consuming. If you cannot reach an agreement, arbitration or mediation may help. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic. 

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