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Controlling the impact divorce has on your career

You might assume that your divorce only has to do with your personal life, but there is a chance that it will affect your professional life, too. Finding the balance can be difficult since you don't want the end of your marriage to hurt your career.

No matter what type of job you do, there are several things that can help you to keep things on track at work while still getting the divorce taken care of. Handling these early and being proactive is often a good idea so that you aren't doing damage control and rushing around at the last minute to take care of things.

  • Let your supervisors know about the split. Give them the dates you have for meetings and hearings you will have to attend. You don't have to go into all the details but you should let them know the basics so they can plan for your absences from work.
  • Plan for your days off. If you have a job that will require you to have certain things done before a day off, try to get those finished. If you need to find someone to cover for you on those days, it is best to make the arrangements as early as possible. The goal is for you to be able to take care of your divorce without negatively impacting the company.
  • Speak to human resources. You will probably have quite a bit of paperwork that needs to be done to get things like your insurance and retirement set up for your life as a single person. You have to be careful with this since some matters might be covered by the divorce order. Your attorney can help you determine what needs to be changed now and what you should change after the finalization of the divorce.
  • Take care of yourself. It is easy to become so wrapped up in the divorce and the changes that come with it that you forget to take care of yourself. Mental health days, finding activities you enjoy, and taking the time to plan your future can all help you to feel better.

While you are going through the divorce, try to avoid making sudden decisions related to your career. This might not be the best time to decide that you are going to work for a new company or move across the globe. If you are presented with a fabulous opportunity, think carefully about it before you make the final decision.

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