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Becoming divorced to your spouse

If you are a Michigan citizen in an unhappy marriage situation, you may be considering divorce as an option. However, we at the Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic recognize that the end of your marriage is not the same as the end of your relationship with your spouse. During the divorce process, the two of you will have possible contact, and if you and your spouse have children together, some measure of relationship will remain between the two of you for the rest of your lives. That is why we say that you become divorced to your spouse rather than from your spouse.

Even if the relationship is unsalvageable, and divorce is the only feasible means of resolving your differences, there is no reason to go to war with your spouse once the divorce proceedings are underway. According to the American Psychological Association, an amicable divorce is healthier for everyone involved; especially your children, who may otherwise suffer psychological damage as a result of ongoing parental conflict. 

While you go through the divorce process, it is normal for you to occasionally feel overwhelmed with sudden negative emotions. During these difficult times, you can and should turn to loved ones, such as friends or family members, for support, and consulting a mental health professional may also be of benefit. The important thing is to be kind to yourself as you work through the difficult emotional periods, which will subside with the passage of time. Other ways that you can be kind to yourself include maintaining an exercise routine and healthy eating habits, as well as pursuing a previously deferred interest or hobby.

Divorce has many potential long-term ramifications for you and your family, emotionally as well as financially, and those who wish to proceed should be certain to take them all into consideration. More information about divorce is available on our website.

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