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Common pitfalls of divorce to avoid

Whether you think of your divorce as a fresh start or lament over the end of the marriage, you will have to deal with some pitfalls because of it. Until the divorce is finalized, you have to make sure that you aren't doing anything that can work against you. This isn't always easy: Some of the daily activities to which you are accustomed may need to be paused.

Here are some common things that can work against you as you are legally ending your marriage.

Your social media activity

The things you post on social media can tell a lot about what you are doing and may provide inaccurate information about others. People might misconstrue what you say online. Do not post things that can make it seem like you are hiding assets or doing something that could have a negative impact on the divorce.

Refrain from using social media as a place to air out your dirty laundry. Don't speak negatively of your ex or your divorce. It is usually best to keep anything regarding the divorce off social media completely. Instead of using these websites to discuss these matters, speak to trusted family members or friends when you need to vent.

Making emotional decisions

The emotions that arise in a divorce can vary greatly. You might feel excited to start your new life but you may be stressed about the property division. You could be concerned about child custody. When you are thinking about these matters, don't let your emotions rule you. Use logic when faced with important decisions. It is all too easy to fall into the habit of reviewing options with your heart instead of your brain.

Not documenting everything

Keep documentation of everything that relates to the divorce. This is one of those instances in which making sure you have everything in order is beneficial just in case you need to use that information. At a minimum, you should hang on to financial records, including copies of receipts for shared expenses that you covered, and proof of all assets you know of that need to be divided.

People going through a contentious divorce might also need to keep records of exchanges with their ex. If there is written correspondence, such as texts or emails, try to remember to save those or print them so you have the record. Be sure to ask your attorney if you have questions about what you need to keep.

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