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What’s the difference between a divorce and an annulment?

If you wish to put an end to your marriage, you probably have questions about the best way to proceed. Some even look into ending their unions by way of an annulment, which can be a complex legal procedure in most cases. VeryWellMind.com explains these differences so you can make the best decision about ending your marriage.  

Discussing your divorce with relatives

Making the decision to end a marriage can be especially tough for some people. Aside from potential areas of concern someone may have with respect to their marital partner and children, there are other reasons why people may feel as if they simply cannot split up with their spouse. For example, someone may feel pressured to stay in a toxic marriage because their relatives believe that it is unacceptable for them to split up. However, nobody should feel forced to stay married to someone they do not want to be with. In some instances, discussing these issues with loved ones can help.

Who gets the pets in a divorce?

One thing many Michigan couples fail to consider when undergoing a divorce is who gets the pets. Among the numerous other difficult considerations this can be the most challenging. There are steps you can take to mitigate the issue however, which will also ensure that your animals continue to be well-cared for. PetMD explains how to handle pet custody during a divorce.  

Common pitfalls of divorce to avoid

Whether you think of your divorce as a fresh start or lament over the end of the marriage, you will have to deal with some pitfalls because of it. Until the divorce is finalized, you have to make sure that you aren't doing anything that can work against you. This isn't always easy: Some of the daily activities to which you are accustomed may need to be paused.

What is parallel parenting?

If you’ve recently undergone a contentious divorce in Michigan, the prospect of co-parenting may seem daunting. Parallel parenting is another option that allows you to effectively raise your children as a cohesive unit while maintaining a comfortable distance from your ex-spouse. Psychology Today explains this parenting trend and why it may be a good option for exes who can’t see eye to eye.

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