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How to Prepare for a Divorce

Like with most things in life, being prepared for your divorce is extremely important. Divorce proceedings can be exceedingly complex, from financial issues to determining custody and visitation for your children. Accordingly, navigating a divorce in Michigan is often a challenge from many different perspectives. Psychology Today offers the following advice to help people prepare for their divorce, which can help both reduce stress and streamline the process.

Allow Yourself to Feel Negative Emotions

No matter the circumstances leading up to it, divorce is a loss. Accordingly, it’s natural to feel range of negative emotions similar to a grieving process. It’s important to allow yourself to experience these emotions freely and not feel as though you must put on a brave face all the time. Over time you will feel better, but it’s important to allow yourself the ability to grieve in order to fully heal.

Anticipate Financial Changes

In the majority of cases finances for both spouses will change after a divorce. Anticipating these changes is crucial to ensure you don’t end up financially insolvent as a result. You may need to cut back on spending or seek out supplementary income to cover expenses related to moving to a new home or purchasing a new vehicle. Be clearheaded regarding your new financial life to be sure you can properly care for yourself and your family.

Be There for Your Kids

Your children are sure to experience the same sort of negative emotions as a result of a divorce. It’s important to be there for them in this event, as they may even blame themselves for what transpired. It’s essential that you’re reassuring, that you listen to their needs, and that you validate their emotions. For instance, if a child expresses anger really listen to their reasons why and make and extra effort to show just how much you love and care for them.


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