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What is the role of a divorce mediator?

So you’re getting a divorce. It is neither spouse’s fault and you certainly do not want to end up in a knock-down, drag-out fight over child custody, support or division of assets. You think you can work together, so there is no need to square off in separate corners, each with an attorney. You want to try mediation to finalize your divorce in Clinton Township.

According to FindLaw, the role of a mediator is to remain impartial while helping divorcing spouses reach a voluntary agreement. A mediator is not required to have a law degree, but having an attorney act as your mediator makes sense for many couples who are willing to take a bigger role in their own divorce.

Enlisting the help of a mediator adds a calming influence to what can be an aggravating situation. With a third party to aid communication and understanding between the parties, each side can feel that their needs are being met and compromise should come easier. It can also help divorcing parents continue an agreeable relationship that reduces the stress of a divorce on children. Additional benefits of mediating a divorce agreement are that the entire process can be shortened and therefore, expenses can be contained, while also avoiding some of the emotional turmoil of an otherwise adversarial process.

Despite the many possible benefits, mediation is not for every couple. If there is anger, hurt or bitterness between the two who are divorcing, sitting in a room with each other may add fuel to the fire and squabbling may erupt. If that happens, it will be tough to accomplish much in the way of an agreement.

Of course, another option is to have your mediator act as a go-between, meeting with each spouse separately and bridging communications in that manner. Each spouse will have to decide for themselves which situation works best for them.

This article about divorce mediation contains general information and should not replace the advice of an attorney.

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