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Vacations with just you and the kids can be a lot of fun

Summers are the times when many families make lasting memories. In the past, you, your spouse and your children may have taken trips together. Now that you are divorced, you might end up taking your vacations with just you and the kids. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to make those memories but you need to make sure that you are planning them well.

There are a few things that you might have to think about now that you didn't have on your radar before. Here are a few that pertain to child custody matters that you might need to consider:

Check the dates and times

You and your ex likely have a child custody schedule that governs when the children will spend time with each parent. Checking the dates and times on the agreement will help to plan your vacation. Make sure that you are leaving time to travel when you make your plans. This is especially important if you have to book flights since you need to be able to pick up your children, make it to the airport and go through security. You should also make sure that you will be back from the vacation in enough time to get your children back to your ex according to the terms in the agreement.

Plan for contact with your ex

Your children will likely want to share some of the fun memories. You should make plans for them to contact your ex. This can be done through a phone call, video chat, texts or any other method that your ex agrees to. The important thing to remember is that your ex isn't on vacation and might need to have the contact at specific times.

Compromise goes both ways

You might find that you need to ask your ex to compromise with you on points related to the vacation. This could have to do with the times and dates of the vacation or with the location. Just remember that if you are willing to compromise when he or she is ready to plan a vacation, you get some concessions from your ex in turn.

Ultimately, you should focus on having fun and building memories with your children. Make sure that you keep that goal in mind. And, take pictures! Photos are great ways for your child to share the vacation memories and look back on them later.

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