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Preventing and addressing parental visitation issues

When a divorce is the only solution for a family, parents and children are left to pick up the pieces and get life back to normal again. This can be difficult when one parent refuses to comply with court-ordered child custody and visitation guidelines. When a Michigan parent suspects that an ex-spouse has taken children without consent, they may choose to take legal action.  

As for local regulations, The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services outlines the state's child custody laws, first noting that there is a wide variety of custody arrangements from which parents may choose. Even when parents dispute over custody, they can file a complaint with the circuit court to find a fair solution. From there, courts can determine arrangements, generally keeping the child's best interest in mind. When it comes to parenting time, the MDHHS shares that concerned parents may contact what is known as "The Friend of the Court," or a designated person who can enforce parenting orders. Parents may also file a motion against those who violate parenting time.

Not only does parental kidnapping violate child custody regulations; it can also place a child in significant danger. The U.S. Department of State shares some tips on how to best prevent parental child abductions, especially those that are international. First and foremost, the Department urges parents to act quickly when they suspect another parent has abducted a child -- time can be crucial in the beginning stages of a search. However, if parents notice changes in another parent's behavior, or even changes in lifestyles (such as selling a house or car), they could catch a situation before it can unfold. These aforementioned changes could be warning signs that a parent is planning to abduct a child. Parents may also notify law enforcement, who can then connect with international foreign embassies to best strategize a plan to recover children and bring them to safety.     


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