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Newborn taken from hospital following tribal court ruling

Custody proceedings can often be the most complex elements of domestic disputes due to the wide array of issues they can encompass. Disputes over custody and visitation in Clinton Township are not limited to couples; they can also involve grandparents and other family members. On top of that, jurisdiction issues can also come into play, with courts from differing states or countries issuing opposing rulings. Often, these complexities can result in seemingly outrageous results that catch both those involved as well as casual observers by complete surprise. 

One might think it impossible for police to simply come into a hospital a remove a newborn from the custody of his or her parents, yet that is exactly what happened recently in Florida. The child's grandmother (who is Native American) sought custody of her and her two older siblings in tribal court after she claims that the two older children shared stories of abuse they had suffered at the hands of their mom and her boyfriend (the baby's father). Tribal police showed up at the hospital accompanied by county law enforcement officials (who claim they were misled into believing that they were helping enforce a federal court order) with an order issued by the tribal court to take custody of the baby. News of the incident quickly spread, prompting one the state's senators to accuse the tribe of kidnapping the child. The tribal court has since ordered the return of the baby to her mother, yet has allowed the grandmother to retain custody of the older kids. 

Actions like the one described above typically require prompt action, which can be difficult to arrange when on is unfamiliar with local family law. Thus, those needing fast assistance may be wise to seek out the services of an experienced attorney. 

Source: ABC News "Judge orders baby returned to mother in custody dispute involving state and Native American tribe" Hutchinson, Bill, Mar. 22, 2018

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