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Newborn taken from hospital following tribal court ruling

Custody proceedings can often be the most complex elements of domestic disputes due to the wide array of issues they can encompass. Disputes over custody and visitation in Clinton Township are not limited to couples; they can also involve grandparents and other family members. On top of that, jurisdiction issues can also come into play, with courts from differing states or countries issuing opposing rulings. Often, these complexities can result in seemingly outrageous results that catch both those involved as well as casual observers by complete surprise. 

Preventing and addressing parental visitation issues

When a divorce is the only solution for a family, parents and children are left to pick up the pieces and get life back to normal again. This can be difficult when one parent refuses to comply with court-ordered child custody and visitation guidelines. When a Michigan parent suspects that an ex-spouse has taken children without consent, they may choose to take legal action.  

Why should you amend your will after your divorce?

You divorce in Clinton Township forces you to examine nearly every aspect of your marital life. Such a process can be extremely emotionally and mentally taxing, which is why it is not surprising so many only review those issues that they are expressly told to address. Consequently, one area that is often overlooked is that of estate planning. Say that, during your marriage, you and your spouse took the commendable step of creating a will together. The terms of your will may often not be brought up during your divorce proceedings. If, then, you never amend your will before you die, does your ex-spouse remain your beneficiary? 

Vacations with just you and the kids can be a lot of fun

Summers are the times when many families make lasting memories. In the past, you, your spouse and your children may have taken trips together. Now that you are divorced, you might end up taking your vacations with just you and the kids. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to make those memories but you need to make sure that you are planning them well.

Equitable vs. equal

The end of a marriage in Clinton Township marks the beginning of the process of dividing assets between both sides. Many have come to us here at The Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C. with several incorrect assumptions about property division. Unless you are familiar with family law, you likely share the same misperceptions. They typically all come down to the assumption that all property acquired during a marriage must be split equally. Yet that is not always the case. 

Who has to carry health insurance for the kids?

One thing that is not affected by your divorce in Clinton Township is the love and affection you feel towards your kids. You no doubt want to continue to provide them with all they need; thus your willingness to meet your child support obligation. Yet one need that your kids will have that may be difficult to calculate is medical care. This raises the question of whether you or your ex-spouse is required to carry health insurance for your kids, and what portion of their medical expenses you will be expected to pay. 

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