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How much is enough for child support?

No matter the details of the situation, divorce can affect every individual involved, thus making each process unique. A child's needs inevitably change as years go by, and without another parent's input and support, times can be trying. Of course, child support sounds ideal in any situation involving a young family member with various necessities. Unfortunately, however, child custody and support do not always go as planned. Michigan parents caught in a custody or child support-related battle may choose to take further legal action to get back to normal and happy family life.

Family magazine The Spruce acknowledges the often frustrating process of arranging and spending child support payments, first pointing out that courts cannot order how, exactly, a parent spends child support income. However, parents can strategize a plan that best accommodates a child's needs. The Spruce lists the following as some of the top expenses parents can consider when devising child support:

  • Medical expenses
  • Clothing, food and shelter
  • Child care
  • Extracurricular activities and entertainment

Some parents may experience frustration when their ex-spouse refuses to prioritize an expense, but The Spruce emphasizes the importance of all of the above needs, noting that children require a wide range of activities and entertainment to best facilitate learning and growth.

Times can prove difficult when a parent spends child support income irresponsibly or avoids child support altogether. Findlaw shares a brief description of Michigan's child custody and support laws, showing that committment to payment may extend beyond the point at which a child turns 18. To determine exact amounts, courts use the Michigan Child Support formula, which includes basic necessities and other needs. Although child support orders can become overwhelming at times, the state enforces payments to best meet the ongoing needs of growing children.  










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