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Coping with the stress of divorce

Whether it involves children, the family dog or expensive assets, divorce is no light matter for most Michigan residents. The stress can certainly take its toll, especially when the steps of the process refuse to fall into place. While divorce can flip life upside down for some time, millions of Americans attempt to cope with the emotional baggage. Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources one can turn to during such a difficult life chapter.

Oftentimes, shutting out the online world can help combat stress. However, Psychology Today lists a few tactics that may be successful when dealing with divorce and all of the stress it can leave in its wake. At the top of list was encouragement to let the "white bears" in, or, as coined by social psychologist Daniel Wegner, those thoughts that are repetitive and draining. By grabbing these intrusive thoughts by the horns, one can confront negative thoughts and avoid merely ruminating about them. Another tip that Psychology Today offered involved the savoring of life's smaller moments, such as eating chocolate or looking forward to visiting a friend. Zooming into these small joys can, in turn, can create happiness over time. This pointer dovetails with looking to the future, another positive way to cope with the stress of separation. In doing so, those struggling can purge senses of hopelessness and become excited about better, future opportunities. 

Mental Health America also weighs in on the common issue of divorce stress, noting that one of the best coping methods is to always prioritize mental and physical health. Setting time aside to exercise can work wonders for an unsettled mind. Routines can also help ease the rockiness of divorce. In addition to these methods, MHA also encourages divorcees to distance themselves from power struggles; walking away from a heated argument with an ex-spouse and saving the discussion for another time can give problems a window for better solutions. The aforementioned tips are only a few of the many approaches to tackling divorce stress once and for all.  




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