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Helping children cope with divorce

Of the many stressful aspects of divorce, making new arrangements for children can become one of the most difficult. A warm Michigan home can seem to transform into a battleground between family members overnight. Younger children may not even understand the entire situation, which can inevitably make matters more challenging. Some may react to news of divorce in destructive ways, while others can become withdrawn and hard to conversate with.

Coping with the stress of divorce

Whether it involves children, the family dog or expensive assets, divorce is no light matter for most Michigan residents. The stress can certainly take its toll, especially when the steps of the process refuse to fall into place. While divorce can flip life upside down for some time, millions of Americans attempt to cope with the emotional baggage. Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources one can turn to during such a difficult life chapter.

Easing the burden of alimony payments

Separation at any point in a relationship can be difficult, but divorce contains its own set of legal challenges. The age-old struggles of keeping the house, battles over child support and disputes over other property prevail in Michigan, and many ex-spouses walk away disappointed in the results of a court hearing. It appears that many couples find tension within their interpretations of divorce altogether. 

Elements considered in spousal support

When a couple divorces, one spouse is sometimes entitled to a form of spousal support, which may vary significantly depending on the nature of the marriage and the resources that the couple holds within the marriage.

Do you have to split your 401(k) in your divorce?

As you prepare for your divorce proceedings in Clinton Township, you are likely aware that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will need to split your marital assets between the two of you. What you may not be aware of is that many assets you (and many others) believe to be separate are, in fact, not. Chief among these is your 401(k). You may wonder why your 401(k) benefits (which are typically earned through your employer) would be considered marital property. After all, your spouse had no hand in earning them, right? 

How much is enough for child support?

No matter the details of the situation, divorce can affect every individual involved, thus making each process unique. A child's needs inevitably change as years go by, and without another parent's input and support, times can be trying. Of course, child support sounds ideal in any situation involving a young family member with various necessities. Unfortunately, however, child custody and support do not always go as planned. Michigan parents caught in a custody or child support-related battle may choose to take further legal action to get back to normal and happy family life.

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