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Co-parenting schedule negotiations may be easier with a mediator

Even though you and your spouse have different ideas about how you want your co-parenting schedule to look after your Michigan divorce, you can probably agree that you both want what is best for your child. Many people use this as the basis to work things out with a mediator rather than allowing the judge to review each side and make an arbitrary decision. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often provide mediation services for people who want to come to an agreement rather than engaging in a legal dispute.

When are trust assets left untouched in divorce?

You and your spouse will have to divide your assets equitably in your Michigan divorce, but there are some assets that may not be included in the process if they are in a trust. According to the American Bar Association, there are several circumstances where this may apply, and some where it will not.

Important statistics about gray divorces

Although conventional "wisdom" claims that half of all marriages end in divorce, couples in Michigan do not actually face those odds. Still, according to Pew Research Center, Americans over the age of 50 who are questioning the personal value of their marital relationships are included in a group facing rising divorce rates. In 2015, based on the most recent census results, 10 out of every 1,000 couples in the 50+ age group are getting a divorce.

Children with no siblings might struggle with a divorce

Many people think that being an only child is wonderful since that child gets all the attention. Only children do have some challenges to face. One of these is that they don't have any other children in the home to talk to. When an only child's parents decide to end the marriage, the child can feel lonely.

Why do I need the court's permission to move out of Michigan?

When you and your former spouse divorced in Michigan, you probably understood that because of your child, the two of you would continue to have at least a working relationship as you co-parent. However, you may not have anticipated the ways that your connection could affect your career. If you receive a job offer in another state, your child's other parent has a say in what happens next if you share joint custody.

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