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Paternity and your child

If you believe that you are the father of a child in Michigan, but you have never been married to the mother, you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to establish and assert your rights as a parent. Along with these rights come responsibilities that may seem like they will be a challenge, particularly if your relationship with the mother has been difficult or non-existent. We at The Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., have counseled many fathers in your situation about the benefits of parenthood.

The future of child custody laws

When a dissolved marriage leads to divorce, many might assume that dealing with child support and custody would be the simplest part of the process that follows. Instead, child support laws in Michigan and the rest of the United States can become incredibly difficult, and even painful. Fortunately, Michigan legislators are pushing for solutions on the tricky aspects of child custody and divorce. 

How do you figure alimony without a judge’s input?

When it is obvious to you and your spouse that after the divorce, he or she is not going to be self-supporting for at least a little while, you may want to consider the factors that the Michigan court uses to determine spousal support. If you see that alimony is likely, you may want to examine your circumstances and try to work out a settlement yourselves. If you successfully create a fair agreement, you may not have to trust the decision to a judge who does not truly understand your situation.

Property division is more than deciding who gets the house

Going through a divorce means that you will have to work with your ex to determine asset division. This property division process isn't always easy. In fact, it is often very complex since you can't focus only on big ticket items. You have to divide up everything.

What does your child get when you establish paternity?

If you were never married to your child’s mother and you are not on his or her birth certificate, you may not have any rights as the father. According to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, even though you share a biological bond, the law does not consider you to be the father until you have established paternity. You will have to do this through genetic testing, or with an affidavit that is signed by both you and the mother, as well as by a witness. By creating this legal relationship with your child, you are providing a number of important benefits.

Ease the stress of divorce with mediation

Couples in Michigan who are divorcing may choose to use mediation instead of the going through the traditional court system. Mediation is more informal, and it is often a more peaceful and less stressful way to make agreements on family and property division issues. Mediation is led by a neutral party who is specially trained to work with both parties and determine an arrangement that is agreed upon.

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