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Uncommon assets can complicate higher asset divorce cases

Getting divorced is difficult in the best of circumstances. Generally, couples who divorce fight the most about financial assets and child custody. The greater the assets, the more likely that there will be a contentious, drawn out divorce battle.

One of the complicating factors for high asset divorce is often how diverse and unusual assets may be. Perhaps you invested in unimproved land as a long-term investment. Maybe there are different kinds of retirement accounts, or a collection of expensive sports memorabilia. Jewelry may be considered shared property, if it was bought as a means of storing wealth.

Working with an experienced Michigan divorce and family law attorney is the best decision in a complicated high asset divorce. Your attorney can connect you with a forensic accountant who can search for hidden assets.

Legal advocacy can also connect you with professional appraisers and experts who are able to put a clear and reasonable financial value on unusual assets, such as comic book collections or works of fine art. Failing to obtain professional and verifiable values for your diverse assets could result in an unfair division of marital assets.

Professional asset valuation is critical to a fair settlement

One way those with a lot of assets avoid sharing those accrued assets fairly during divorce is to diversify them into unusual and hard to price items. From a turn of the century brass sculpture to the rare first edition books in the study, there are many very valuable assets that are hard to price accurately.

Your former spouse may be relying on that as a deterrent during your divorce proceedings. Working with an attorney who understands complex asset valuation and who can connect you with the right professionals to determine accurate prices is important to obtaining a fair divorce settlement.

Don't let your former spouse take advantage of you and the legal system by hiding some of the most valuable assets in plain sight! An experienced divorce attorney can help you locate and properly value marital assets you may not have seen much value in previously. The greater the overall assets in your marriage, the harder it can be to figure out what the value of everything really is.

Working with an attorney can help you make sense of your various marital assets and put a reasonable value on anything from unimproved land to offshore investments.

An attorney is your best chance at a favorable outcome

Divorce is complicated, and it often brings out the worst in people. Divorcing could motivate your former spouse to try to withhold your fair share of marital assets out of spite or anger. Retaining the services of an experienced Michigan attorney is the best way to prevent this from happening to you! The more complex your assets, the more important it is to have the best legal representation during your divorce.

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