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How do you deal with a difficult ex?

After the end of your marriage in Clinton Township, you are not necessarily free from a relationship with your former spouse. If your divorce was less than friendly, your interactions now could range from difficult to infuriating. Even though you may not be able to reason with your ex, Psychology Today explains that there may be ways you can promote healthier interactions, which is particularly important if the two of you have children.

Receiving child support from a parent who does not work

When you are facing a divorce and your child’s other parent is not employed, you may be worried that the court will not be able to award you child support, and that you will have the full financial burden of raising your child. Because the judge typically considers the ability to pay, and the resources each parent has, it may seem like a foregone conclusion that no paycheck will equal no support. We at The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., understand that there are many sources that child support may be drawn from, and we provide counsel on appropriate agreements.

Uncommon assets can complicate higher asset divorce cases

Getting divorced is difficult in the best of circumstances. Generally, couples who divorce fight the most about financial assets and child custody. The greater the assets, the more likely that there will be a contentious, drawn out divorce battle.

Separate checking accounts could improve your divorce

Financial discussions before and during a Michigan marriage are crucial to the health of the relationship. According to Bankrate.com, they may also affect the health of a divorce. Even though the couple may have shared a joint bank account while they were together, once they have decided to separate, the potential for conflict may be lessened if they each have their own.

Paying child support on time is important to your custody case

The state of Michigan takes child support during a divorce seriously. If your former spouse filed for divorce and custody, chances are that he or she has temporary custody of your children, while you are being expected to pay child support and see your children during scheduled visitation times only.

Challenges of custody and breastfeeding

During your divorce, you and your baby’s father have a number of hurdles to clear while creating a Michigan parenting plan. The court will want to know that you came up with an agreement that puts your child’s best interests first. However, what these are is somewhat open to the interpretation of the judge, and if you are still breastfeeding, you may worry that this will not be as much of a priority to others. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often represent parents of infants in preserving this important activity.

The ins and outs of stepparent adoption in Michigan

There are a number of reasons that your spouse may want to adopt your child in Michigan. For example, they may have a close parent-child bond, your spouse may demonstrate a willingness to take on the responsibilities permanently, or it may be helpful so that financial benefits such as an inheritance or life insurance can be established. Regardless of the reasons, we at The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., have a thorough understanding of the process, and often provide legal assistance in following through with the plan.

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