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Facebook could be the new way of serving divorce papers

When two people in Clinton Township are joined together in marriage, the absolute last thing on their mind is that this relationship will end. However, for many, this will occur. Maybe a spouse is discovered to be less than honest, or is an abuser. Perhaps, the couple just naturally drifts apart and doesn’t know how to regain what has been lost. When the time comes for them to make this painful decision, there are many things that they must do, and one of these is to serve the other person with divorce papers.

While this sounds like a simple thing, it can present a challenge when the spouses are no longer speaking to one another or engaging in any form of communication. However, some states are embracing the idea that Facebook could be the answer. One state has already added social media sites to its list of electronic process serving options and another state recently ruled on this issue. In that case, the court ruled that since the Facebook account had not been accessed by the husband since 2014, the wife could not claim that he was served with divorce papers.

The idea that Facebook or other social media platforms could be used for such a legal purpose is fairly new, but is not surprising. After all, people regularly use the site as a way of communication with family and friends. They can even meet new people or connect with childhood friends that they have not spoken to in years. Since courts do permit people to be served through email, social media appears to be the next natural step.

A divorce comes with many changes, and can be emotionally and financially devastating. Before people make any decisions that come with long-term impacts, they should consider sitting down with an experienced attorney.

Source: The American Genius, “Should it be legal to serve divorce papers on Facebook?,” Roger Jones, Dec. 13, 2016

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