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December 2016 Archives

Property division and its effect on taxes

For people in Michigan who have considerable assets, one element that should be seriously considered in the division of marital property is how it will affect their taxes. In most instances, the Journal of Accountancy points out that taxes will not be levied against property that is transferred to one spouse from another according to a written property settlement agreement. For example, if one spouse agrees to transfer a real estate property that is worth $5 million, the spouse is protected against a taxable gift transfer if the terms are in writing.

Facebook could be the new way of serving divorce papers

When two people in Clinton Township are joined together in marriage, the absolute last thing on their mind is that this relationship will end. However, for many, this will occur. Maybe a spouse is discovered to be less than honest, or is an abuser. Perhaps, the couple just naturally drifts apart and doesn’t know how to regain what has been lost. When the time comes for them to make this painful decision, there are many things that they must do, and one of these is to serve the other person with divorce papers.

Can a QDRO help you collect alimony?

If you are going through a divorce, and you have been awarded alimony or spousal support by a Clinton Township judge, you should familiarize yourself with a qualified domestic relations order. Commonly referred to as a QDRO, these orders are signed by a judge, and set up specific directions for how marital property or payments should be made to you.

Custody evaluators can be biased towards battered moms

Domestic violence is not a new issue that women and children in Michigan deal with. However, despite the public attention it has received, a report shows that a large number of court officials have beliefs about battered mothers that can influence their decisions over custody. The report, which was submitted to the National Institute of Justice, was based on a survey conducted on more than 1100 people connected to the topic, including some survivors of abuse, attorneys, judges, workers in domestic violence programs and custody evaluators.

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