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Warning flags that your spouse may be hiding marital property

If you and your spouse have chosen to separate and divorce, the last thing you may expect is that he or she is hiding marital property. However, here at The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we know that such things happen, and this can leave you with less assets or money than what you are legally entitled to under Michigan’s equitable division law.

According to Forbes magazine, there are several signs that you should be aware of that may signal your ex is not being completely honest in the disclosure of marital property. For example, perhaps the hard drive on your spouse’s computer has mysteriously disappeared after a supposed crash. On that drive, though are the financial records concerning retirement funds or other assets. Or suppose that instead of a crash, your spouse claims that while cleaning up unused programs, the financial management program was accidently deleted. This could be a sign that he or she is trying to hide transactions that you are unaware of.

Instead of problems with technology though, maybe your spouse was the one who managed the finances and now he or she flat-out refuses to share financial records with you or even provide you with the passwords and logins for online accounts. The spouse may have even arranged for all the bills and financial records to be sent to a private address, like a drop box or post office box. The secretive nature itself should be enough to raise concern that something is not quite right.

If there is a family-owned business at stake, your spouse could attempt to transfer property to a third party or claim financial losses, thereby decreasing its overall value. Even recreational vehicles that are suddenly sold, or uncharacteristic, expensive purchases should be carefully examined. For more information about property and divorce, please visit our web page.

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