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When your ex-spouse doesn’t obey the divorce decree

Although you and your spouse have the opportunity to present the outcomes you want in a Clinton Township divorce case, the final decree is at the judge’s discretion. Once you have received this order, both of you are required to fulfill your duties as laid out in this document, but a third party may not beoverseeing this process for you. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we have provided advice to many people who have had to take steps to enforce their divorce decrees.

MichiganLegalHelp.org points out that an ex-spouse may refuse to pay spousal support, return the property that was awarded to you or pay debts that have been assigned to him or her. The hardship that this creates may be considerable, but you do have recourse through the court system. There is paperwork that you may file that will get the court involved in enforcing your judgment of divorce.

After requesting a hearing from the court clerk and filing a motion to enforce the JOD, you must give your ex-spouse a minimum of nine days’ advance notice of the hearing. You must also provide him or her with copies of the forms you filed. This includes the description of the action your ex-spouse has taken or failed to take that violates the JOD.

If there is property that is not returned to you, the court may have it recovered and returned to you by a third party. The court may order your ex-spouse to repay you for any money you had to spend to cover a debt that was not your responsibility. Any failure to follow the JOD may also result in contempt of court. For more information about court decisions, please visit our web page.

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