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More men asking their wives for alimony

During divorce proceedings, it is common practice for one of the spouses to provide spousal support for the other. Traditionally, it has been women who have been on the receiving end; however, it is possible for men to get alimony in Michigan, as discussed in a previous post.

According to Reuters, the number of men requesting alimony in the past few years has risen. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of women who are paying alimony to their husbands, and this number is expected to continue to rise. Although some men find pride or ignorance initially stopping them from asking, many end up requesting alimony once they see the facts. 

With many women becoming the breadwinner, men find that they do not have the capacity to earn what they need to after a divorce. It might be that the man decided to stay at home and raise the children while the wife worked, or he might have had a lower-income job that reflected his passion. Upon divorcing, he now requires a higher income and might find difficulty getting back into the work place.

According to Forbes, successfully receiving alimony as a man during a divorce remains difficult. Some states have taken a step towards more equal alimony settlements by removing gender from the equation. There are regulations in place that determine spousal support by evaluating the length of marriage and the income for both parties. However, this remains an imperfect solution and is far from standard procedure. Some judges do not award men alimony as easily as they do to women due to gender bias.  

Additionally, many men retain hard-wired gender roles and feel that requesting alimony is emasculating. Thus, there is a significant inequality in the number of men receiving alimony compared to women. Women breadwinners make up about 40 percent of households, but the number of men asking for and receiving alimony does not reflect this at only 3 percent. 

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