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What are the consequences of hiding assets during a divorce?

During a contentious divorce, you may be tempted to hide some of your assets from your soon-to-be-ex spouse. This might include misreporting the actual value of something, or putting money or assets in secret accounts. However, when you divorce in Michigan, the law dictates that you must honestly and fully disclose everything that you own. This includes providing an accurate valuation of property, debt, income and expenses, according to Forbes.

More men asking their wives for alimony

During divorce proceedings, it is common practice for one of the spouses to provide spousal support for the other. Traditionally, it has been women who have been on the receiving end; however, it is possible for men to get alimony in Michigan, as discussed in a previous post.

When your ex-spouse doesn’t obey the divorce decree

Although you and your spouse have the opportunity to present the outcomes you want in a Clinton Township divorce case, the final decree is at the judge’s discretion. Once you have received this order, both of you are required to fulfill your duties as laid out in this document, but a third party may not beoverseeing this process for you. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we have provided advice to many people who have had to take steps to enforce their divorce decrees.

Do you need a divorce?

If you have been in a serious, long-term relationship with a partner of the same sex for any length of time in Clinton Township, the topic of marriage may have come up, even before it was legal in Michigan. Although options were limited in the past, couples may have decided to make their marriages official with a license from another state, or have a ceremony in Michigan even though it did not legalize the union. Whether you chose one of these paths or waited until the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, deciding to divorce your spouse now may still be more difficult than it would be for a heterosexual couple.

Beginning again: Rebuilding credit history after divorce

Divorce has a way of changing financial outlooks, and people in Michigan who are attempting to reevaluate the state of their budget may discover that things do not seem as rosy with one income as they did with two. Starting over often requires new housing, transportation and appliances, to name just a few of the expenses, but it may also involve building a new credit history, too.

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