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Separating your feelings from your child’s during divorce

The way your Michigan divorce affects your own life may easily become a major focus during the months immediately before and after you or your spouse files the paperwork to begin the proceedings. As a parent, you may also worry over how your child’s life will be affected, and how you will deal with the loss of contact that is typically a part of co-parenting. At the Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often work with parents who have concerns about custody outcomes.

If your spouse files for custody first

Whether or not you and your spouse have talked about custody issues while discussing your divorce in Michigan, it is a topic you will have to address, one way or another. According to MichiganLegalHelp.org, being served with custody papers rather than being the one who files for custody does not necessarily have an impact on the final ruling. However, what is included in those documents may, so it is essential to examine the information carefully, even if you and your spouse have already gone over it together.

Who’s driving up the divorce rate?

Although filing for divorce in Michigan is a personal decision, you are far from alone by choosing this path. However, you may have read conflicting reports about the divorce rate because many researchers over the years have seemed to disagree over whether marriages have become more stable. Now, a new study claims that the number may be going up, and according to Bloomberg News, one researcher lays the blame for the increase on gray divorces.

Spying on a cheating spouse may backfire

Filing for a divorce in Michigan may be an emotional decision, and when a spouse believes there is infidelity, the sense of betrayal may exacerbate the conflict. According to MichiganLegalHelp.org, all a spouse needs to prove in a divorce is that the relationship has failed and cannot be repaired.

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