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Who’s going to pay for college?

Whether your child is approaching high school graduation or just beginning kindergarten when you begin the divorce process in Michigan, college tuition is likely to be a cost you will want the other parent to help pay. If it is not included in your agreement, though, there is no guarantee that your child will have the benefit of both parents’ financial support.

Friendship after divorce

Children are often vulnerable to emotional trauma when they are exposed to parental conflict during and after a divorce in Michigan. Many parents attempt to alleviate this by seeking family and individual therapy and by hiding the conflict between them as much as possible. However, according to Psychology Today, there are other steps that may be in the child’s best interests, as well.

Developing a fair summer custody schedule

In creating a parenting plan that is best for a child during a divorce in Michigan, spouses may choose to use a standard schedule provided by the state. If they are unable to agree, the judge may use similar guidelines in setting the days and times that each of them will spend with their child. However, according to the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline, by working together, parents may be able to create their own summer custody arrangements that takes their personal calendars into account while still meeting the requirements of the state’s suggested plan.

When fear of the future prevents divorce

Sometimes there are problems in a marital relationship in Michigan that seem insurmountable, and one or both spouses may be contemplating a divorce as a result. A person who believes that the separation would be best may still hesitate to begin the process for a variety of reasons. According to Psychology Today, it is common for a person’s choice to stay in an unhappy marriage to be based on fear.

Separate property protections and Michigan divorce

The commitment involved for a successful marriage in Michigan often leads couples to willingly share the possessions and assets that they owned before they made their vows. However, once a divorce is on the horizon, a spouse may re-evaluate that decision, hoping to regain the items in question. MichiganLegalHelp.org explains that if the court considers an asset to be marital property, it will be divided equitably according to the state’s property division law, but it may not divide assets that have remained separate.

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