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Parental alienation syndrome after divorce

After your divorce in Clinton Township, hard feelings between you and your ex-spouse may make co-parenting difficult. However, if your child’s other parent is harboring extreme ill will toward you, it may affect your own relationship with your child, particularly if you are the non-custodial parent. We at the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., are aware of the damage that an ex-spouse’s bitterness and anger can inflict on a parent-child relationship.

According to Psychology Today, your child naturally loves both you and the other parent, and it is emotional and psychological abuse to attempt to teach your child to hate you. This abuse affects your child into adulthood, causing depression, self-hatred, addictive behaviors and an inability to trust others. The resulting parental alienation syndrome causes the child to withdraw emotionally from you, and developing this condition makes it less likely that your child will have a close bond with his or her own children.

Child psychology professionals caution that parental alienation syndrome arises as a result of brainwashing. As a victim, your child may undergo psychological abuse through tactics that include the following:

  •          Belittling you and your extended family
  •          Withholding parental affection to force rejection of you
  •          Claiming that you are dangerous
  •          Limiting contact between you and your child
  •          Prohibiting discussion of you

If you are finding it more difficult to connect with your child and suspect that your ex-spouse could be fostering the alienation, you may be considering a modification of child custody. Experts believe it is in every child’s best interests to have a healthy bond with both parents whenever possible. However, they warn that your child may resist visitation or custody changes if the other parent has been successful with the alienation strategies. For more information about parental rights and the best interests of the child, please visit our web page.

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