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Parental alienation syndrome after divorce

After your divorce in Clinton Township, hard feelings between you and your ex-spouse may make co-parenting difficult. However, if your child’s other parent is harboring extreme ill will toward you, it may affect your own relationship with your child, particularly if you are the non-custodial parent. We at the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., are aware of the damage that an ex-spouse’s bitterness and anger can inflict on a parent-child relationship.

Divorce and the bullying spouse

The emotional upheaval of divorce in Clinton Township may be inevitable, even in the best of situations. For many, that makes it challenging to cooperate with a spouse while dividing the assets and liabilities of the marriage. This may be even more difficult if one spouse is a bully. According to Psychology Today, a bullying spouse may engage in verbal attacks such as taunting, name calling and criticism, and may use these in an attempt to control the other spouse and establish superiority.

Same-sex couples: Preparing for the unknown

Now that marriage is no longer banned for same-sex couples in Michigan, some couples who have been married in other states are finally having those ceremonies legally recognized. Other long-established couples may be taking advantage of that right for the first time. Along with the right to marry comes the right to divorce, but the length of the relationship for these couples may be in sharp contrast to the length of the state-recognized marriage. Time magazine points out that many questions may soon arise about how divorce and family courts will weigh issues that typically contribute to alimony and property division for these same-sex couples.

Overnight visits and the father-child relationship

Many parents are able to use basic co-parenting guidelines to set up the visitation schedule after a divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan. Judges consider the best interests of the child, which includes enough time with each parent to develop a healthy bond. When it comes to infants, common wisdom does not necessarily treat both parents as equal. However, according to Psychology Today, the parenting plan should not exclude overnight visits for the father.

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