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When is it time to update the prenup?

If you and your spouse drafted a prenuptial agreement before your marriage in Clinton Township, Michigan, it is likely that your financial relationship started out on the right foot. The ability to have open discussions about assets and liabilities is a marital strength. However, over time, you or your spouse may come to feel uncertain about the relevance of the original terms. The Wall Street Journal explains that couples often modify their prenuptial agreements to reflect new stages in their lives.

A postnuptial agreement may safeguard your career

Deciding to stay at home with your child is a big move, but there is abundant research and common wisdom stating that the bonding and care you provide is essential. You and your spouse probably analyzed which career would be best to put on hold before making the decision. Whether you volunteered or it was the result of lengthy debate, Yahoo Finance recommends broaching the subject of a postnuptial agreement first. We at the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., have provided answers for many couples seeking information about this subject.

Tips for using spousal support payments wisely

There are times when a judge determines that alimony is appropriate for a person who is going through a divorce in Michigan. According to MichiganLegalHelp.org, when one spouse is unlikely to get a job that provides adequate support due to a lack of education or experience, temporary spousal support may be awarded. Judges rarely order permanent alimony unless the couple has been married many years.

Is your prenuptial agreement valid?

While you may view marriage primarily as a commitment that two people make when they love each other, it is also a legal agreement. When you entered into a contract with your spouse, it affected the assets and liabilities owned by each of you. Creating a prenuptial agreement may have been your way of defining the terms of the contract to provide financial protection. Facing a divorce, you need to examine your agreement to make sure that it is as effective as you intended it to be, particularly if your spouse no longer wants to abide by the terms that were set.

How does distance affect the parenting plan?

When you and your child’s other parent are working on a parenting plan in Michigan, developing a schedule you can both live with may be difficult. The primary goal of the court is to ensure that each of you are able to spend quality time with your child. Living in the same town, the hardest part of joint physical custody may be deciding on a neutral location for pickup and drop-off times. However, if one of you plans to move more than 180 miles away, the Michigan parenting time guideline states that the parenting plan may change.

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