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Preparing children for divorce

When couples in Clinton Township, Michigan, plan to divorce, they may have a fairly clear understanding of the difficulties they will go through. Children typically do not know what to expect, which can put them at risk for a lot of anxiety as their parents navigate the legal process and make the decisions that will affect the entire family.

Dividing unconventional assets: Credit card rewards

When it comes to a divorce in Clinton Township, Michigan, any asset the couple owns is subject to equitable division. While a valuation expert may be able to help place a dollar amount on objects such as antiques, art, automobiles and other tangible items, the value of credit card reward points may not be as easily identifiable.

Biological parent claims former partner has no parental rights

When parents are able to agree to a co-parenting plan that works in the child’s best interests, a judge often approves it. However, sometimes custody battles involve legal issues that have nothing to do with the emotional, physical or psychological needs of the child or the parents. In a case in Kent County, Michigan, involving same-sex parents, questions over parental rights are even more complicated.

What happens after the final divorce decree?

Getting from the initial filing of your divorce to the final decree in Michigan may have been a challenge. Once you have that closure, you may be expecting to leave the trauma behind and begin to heal. Unfortunately, the first step after divorce is fulfilling the terms of the court order, and this may not be as simple a process as you would expect. Money magazine points out that there are a number of post-divorce problems that you and your ex-spouse might face.

How does alimony affect federal taxes?

When the judge awards spousal support in your divorce case in Michigan, it is important for you and your former spouse to understand the federal tax ramifications. The Internal Revenue Service has very specific guidelines defining alimony and the deductions or taxes that each of you will incur as a result of those payments.

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