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Are children required to follow the parenting plan?

If you are a divorced parent in Michigan, you and your ex-spouse may have difficulty getting along after the separation. The court order that a judge issued at the end of your case includes the resolution of custody issues such as the finalization of the parenting plan and visitation rights. You and your spouse both have a legal obligation to follow this order and stick to the plan, particularly when you are not able to come to an agreement otherwise.

Same-sex parents in Michigan may see new custody outcome

Since the legalization of gay marriage with the Supreme Court ruling in June that lifted the ban in Michigan and 12 other states, same-sex couples in Michigan have been celebrating this right. When same-sex couples in the state have domestic issues, the laws governing their legal separation and child custody issues are not yet clear. This has introduced new challenges for the state’s court systems.

What are your rights regarding parenting time in Michigan?

During a Michigan divorce, child custody issues are often the source of significant conflict. According to the Michigan Parenting Time Guideline, your child has the right to spend an amount of time with you that fosters a healthy parent-child relationship. If you are not the custodial parent, this time is designated as “parenting time.” The court offers some sample schedules that are typically used. However, if you and your child’s other parent are not able to come to a reasonable agreement, the schedule will be set by the court.

Property division when there is a mortgage

When you and your spouse are divorcing in Clinton Township, Michigan, the equitable division of marital property is determined in a way that a judge determines is fair for each of you based on your individual income, previous standard of living and other factors. It is often a good idea to sell your home so that the asset can be divided more easily between you. At the Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, we understand that when you agree to give up the house and mortgage in exchange for other marital assets, there may still be future issues if your name is still on the loan.

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