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Dividing debt equitably in a Michigan divorce

Just like marital property, marital debt is divided equitably in a Michigan divorce. This refers to the debt that is acquired during the marriage, regardless of which spouse was responsible for the expenditure. While equitable division could result in an equal share of debt going to either spouse, there are a number of other ways that the debt could be distributed that would change the amounts allocated.

How is artwork divided equitably in a Michigan divorce?

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce in the state of Michigan, your marital property is subject to equitable, or fair, distribution. A recent Huffington Post article cautions that, while the value of some of your assets may be straightforward, artwork valuation and division may be more complex, particularly if you are the artist. In the eyes of the court, you and your spouse each have an equally valid claim in the equitable division of the value of the artwork.

Little People, Big World stars file for divorce

Many married couples in Michigan, and throughout the U.S., choose to go into business together. For many, this provides the opportunity to earn together and share successes. Should they decide to divorce, however, they may no longer wish to work together. When such couples choose to go their separate ways, their business, or business interests, may have to be included in the property division process. Often, a business division can further complicate an already difficult situation.

How is alimony decided in the state of Michigan?

If you are like many people considering divorce in Clinton Township, then you have likely given thought to your post-divorce finances. Even if you are employed, you may be concerned about how you will support yourself after your divorce. In order to help you as you transition, or more permanently, the court may order your spouse to pay alimony. According to section 552.13 of the Michigan Revised Statutes, Michigan’s courts may order either spouse to pay a suitable sum in alimony for the maintenance of the other spouse.

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