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Is co-parenting right for you and your family?

In the past, most child custody agreements came down to one parent, or the other, getting primary physical custody. The other parent would then typically receive visitation. However, in recent years, families throughout Michigan, and elsewhere, are opting to co-parent. However, this option is not necessarily right for everyone. At The Law Offices of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, P.C., we often consult with people who are unsure whether they should attempt to co-parent, or if they should pursue other custody options. In this post then, we will discuss how to decide if co-parenting is right for your family.

According to Psychology Today, co-parenting is also often referred to as shared parenting. This type of arrangement is, in large part, based on the belief that maintaining a relationship with both parents is important for a child’s healthy development. As such, it is often in a child’s best interest to spend about the same amount of time with each of his or her parents. Through co-parenting, both parents are better able to be active participants in their child’s life and upbringing.

Communication can be one of the most important aspects of successful shared parenting plans. When co-parenting, you must work together with your child’s other parent to maintain consistency in your child’s upbringing. This includes everything from feeding schedules and household rules to important decisions about your child’s health and education. As such, if you and your child’s other parent are in conflict with each other and cannot communicate efficiently, it may impact your ability to co-parent effectively.   

When you and the other parent of your child were a couple, it is possible that one, or the other, of you was your child’s primary caregiver. Therefore, one of you may have less parental experience than the other. As the less experienced parent gets up to speed, so to speak, it can leave the child feeling anxious or unsupported, Psychology Today reports. For that reason, a successful shared parenting arrangement typically requires both parents’ willingness to work together.

For more information about your parenting rights, please visit our child custody page.

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