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Preparing for your child custody dispute

Custody disputes can be one of the most emotionally draining and stressful parts of a divorce. Because of this, it is important for parents who are facing a potential custody dispute to have full awareness of what hurdles they may be facing.

When it comes to visitation rights, the Michigan government will demand court involvement both for reasons of legality and neutrality. Custody and visitation schedules will usually be determined by the personal history of the parents, as well as how they interact with their peers, other family members, and their child. Based on that, a schedule that would benefit the well-being of the child is determined. This could mean one parent getting primary custody over the other, or the visitation period of a parent being shortened or lengthened according to what would benefit the child the most.

As the Michigan Department of Human Services states, a divorce case involving child custody needs as much time, planning, cooperation and research as possible in order for it to work out beneficially for all parties involved. It can be aided by things like custody mediation and visitation scheduling, and may also be helped along if the parties understand and utilize all tools available to them, such as looking into supervised visitation deals. While custody mediation is not always mandatory depending on the state it takes place in, it is generally considered a good step to take since it can ensure that the child will receive the best living situation available with minimal argument.

Divorce will almost always become more complex and difficult to handle when children get swept up in it. However, knowing what to expect can greatly help parents prepare for the situation to minimize the impact on their kids.

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