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Same sex couple adoptions are increasing

These days families in the Clinton Township area and elsewhere come in all shapes and sizes, so-to-speak,. While the traditional family unit is still made up of a husband, wife and children, not all families follow this pattern. Many same-sex couples are now getting married in different states across the country, and at the same time, many of those families are looking into adopting children. In fact, according to some statistics, same-sex parent adoptions are increasing.

AdoptiveFamilies.org reports that from 2000 to 2009 the number of same-sex couples who were raising children and who reported adopting a child, increased from 8 percent to 19 percent. The number has continued to go up and according to some advocates it will continue to raise for two reasons in particular.

First, the number of children that are waiting to be adopted has gone up. That means that the agencies that handle adoptions are looking for more good homes. Second, more people are accepting same-sex couples as well as the idea of those couples adopting children.

Meantime, the number of same-sex couples that are interested in adopting children is also growing, according to LifeLongAdoptions.com. It reports that an estimated two million gay and lesbian people have an interest in adopting a child or children. It is also estimated that there are 65,500 adopted children in the United States living with a gay or lesbian parent.

While some people might still be against these kinds of family situations, there are many other people who are pushing for more same-sex adoptions for kids who are waiting to go to a good home. As that push grows it seems that the number of kids who are adopted by gay or lesbian parents will also continue to grow.

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