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Same sex couples and parenting

There are many different arguments regarding same-sex couples and parenting. Many people in Clinton Township believe that same-sex parents are not fit to be parents at all, while others feel completely the opposite and argue that a person’s gender makes no difference in his or her parenting ability. Although many people might question the ability of same-sex couples to be good parents, there are many scientific studies that would indicate otherwise.

What does equitable distribution really mean?

When people in the Clinton Township area, or anywhere else, are preparing to go through a divorce, they almost always have many questions. At The Law Office of Lorrie J. Zahodnic, we hear a lot of questions about divorce every day, and we understand that people can have many concerns if they are considering divorce.

Are divorce rates actually going down?

For years, even decades, almost everyone in America, including those in Clinton Township, has been under the impression that about half of all marriages in the country end in divorce. However, The New York Times took a closer look at the divorce rate and found that not only are divorce rates lower than 50 percent, but among those couples who got married in the 2000s, so far the divorce rate is even lower.

Do you have to prove anything to file for divorce in Michigan?

When it comes to divorce in Clinton Township people will almost always have a lot of questions. Everyone experiences different situations in divorce and everyone will go through their own struggles depending on their personal set of circumstances. However, one common question people in Michigan have regarding divorce is: “Do I have to prove anything to get a divorce?”

Same sex couple adoptions are increasing

These days families in the Clinton Township area and elsewhere come in all shapes and sizes, so-to-speak,. While the traditional family unit is still made up of a husband, wife and children, not all families follow this pattern. Many same-sex couples are now getting married in different states across the country, and at the same time, many of those families are looking into adopting children. In fact, according to some statistics, same-sex parent adoptions are increasing.

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