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Director Michael Moore divorce battle raging on

Although any divorce in the Clinton Township area is typically a difficult process to go through, many times divorce that involves a lot of marital assets can be even tougher. High asset divorces often involve lengthy battles over how to split the couple’s property and possessions. Settlements are also hard to come by as both parties usually dig in their heels to fight for their fair share of the split.

Former reality TV stars come to terms in child custody battle

There are many important aspects to consider when a couple in the Clinton Township area goes through divorce. However, if children are involved, then deciding who will have custody of those children is usually the most important decision a couple will have to make. Sometimes that can be simple, but many times it can lead to heated exchanges and even long, drawn-out court battles.

Is there ever a good time to get a divorce?

When is the best time to get a divorce? That may seem like a silly question because you might wonder if there is really ever a good time to get a divorce. The fact is divorce is tough, but depending on when a person decides to end his or her marriage, it can be more difficult at some points in life than others, including for people right here in the Clinton Township area.

TV host to battle estranged husband for custody of unborn child

When a couple with children in the Clinton Township area, or anywhere else, decides to divorce, they will not only have to worry about the usual aspects of divorce, like property division and spousal support, but they will also have to decide who gets physical custody of their children. A custody battle can get even more complicated when an unborn child is involved.

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