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Real-estate moguls battling it out in nasty divorce

Divorce is almost never easy for anyone involved. However, when a divorce includes a business or high assets, it can get very tricky, as well as very heated. Although there are many issues to sort out when a couple splits up, many times the most difficult issues can be money-related. Anyone in the Clinton Township area who is involved in a high asset divorce should understand his or her legal rights.

A high stakes battle is going on in both the civil and divorce courts of New York as an estranged couple continues to disagree over several issues, including the real estate business for which they both previously worked. According to reports, Joseph Rose and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Wendi Rose, both continue to make claims of corporate freeze-outs, e-mail spying and retaliation involving large sums of money.

The battle also involves Ms. Rose’s father, Marshall Rose, who originally welcomed his son-in-law into the family real-estate business. However, the couple filed for divorce in 2010 after several accusations of wrongdoing, by both parties. Joseph Rose has filed a civil suit against his father-in-law in which he claims that Marshall Rose has schemed to essentially ruin his life.

As this case shows, a divorce involving high assets can become quite heated and lead to a long drawn out battle. It will eventually be up to a court to decide how this divorce settlement will be resolved. Meanwhile, if you are involved in a high asset divorce then you too might want to seek the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney.

Source: New York Post, “Real-estate family tangled in prickly divorce,” Julia Marsh and Laura Italiano, May 1, 2014.

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