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Judge rules in favor of actor in child custody battle

Child custody battles are almost never an easy thing to go through in Clinton Township. There are so many emotions involved and both parents are fighting for the right to live with their child, or at least be able to have visitation rights. These kinds of battles can be bitter and can take many twists and turns as parents take their arguments to the courts and let judges figure them out.

Actor Jason Patric has gained a big win as he continues to fight for the parenting rights of his four-year-old son. An appeals court in California recently reversed a previous decision in which the court ruled that Mr. Patric had no parenting rights over his son, Gus. The boy’s mother has claimed that Mr. Patric was never intending to be the boy’s father and that he merely donated his sperm. The former couple’s son was conceived via vitro fertilization.

However, Mr. Patric claims that he always intended to act as the boy’s father. His parenting rights were originally denied because the couple was not married when their son was conceived. However, the appellate court reversed that decision. Attorneys for the boy’s mother are reportedly weighing their next move.

As this case proves, some child custody battles can go on for quite some time, even years. Plus, although one judge may rule one way, another judge might rule differently in an appeal. The bottom line is that if you want custody of your child you can continue to fight for it until all of your legal options have been spent. If you find yourself in a child custody battle, then you might want to speak an experienced family law attorney who understands how to handle child custody cases.

Source: People Magazine, “Jason Patric wins appeal of custody ruling over his biological child,” Ken Lee, May 14, 2014.

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