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Judge rules in favor of actor in child custody battle

Child custody battles are almost never an easy thing to go through in Clinton Township. There are so many emotions involved and both parents are fighting for the right to live with their child, or at least be able to have visitation rights. These kinds of battles can be bitter and can take many twists and turns as parents take their arguments to the courts and let judges figure them out.

Real-estate moguls battling it out in nasty divorce

Divorce is almost never easy for anyone involved. However, when a divorce includes a business or high assets, it can get very tricky, as well as very heated. Although there are many issues to sort out when a couple splits up, many times the most difficult issues can be money-related. Anyone in the Clinton Township area who is involved in a high asset divorce should understand his or her legal rights.

Risk of divorce higher when spouse gets chronic illness

Many circumstances in life can lead to a Clinton Township couple deciding to divorce. Although divorce is usually not an easy decision, sometimes, it is best for the parties involved. However, it’s always important to understand the many aspects of divorce before making any major decisions.

High-asset divorce could cost reality TV star big money

Being involved in a divorce is never easy, but it can be especially complicated when high assets are involved. Divorce can be contentious for anyone, whether they have a lot of money or not. However, when people have high assets and no prenuptial agreement in place, their divorce process can turn very ugly.

Michael Jackson’s son tells his biological mother to ‘beat it’

Not all child custody cases are alike. Although in most cases parents in Clinton Township want what’s best for their kids, they don’t always act in the most appropriate way when it comes to legal custody battles. In fact, some parents end up only having their own best interests in mind.

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