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Sharing husbandís alleged discretions costs woman in settlement

When a couple in the Clinton Township area decides to divorce there’s a good chance they’ll have some pretty harsh feelings towards one another. That is very common in any divorce. It’s also very normal to want to share those feelings with other people. However, if you’re going through a divorce then you should be very careful what you say to others, especially when it comes to business and property division.

Knowing your finances can make a major difference in divorce

ivorce is almost always a difficult situation, but it can be even more strenuous on the parties involved when many assets are at stake. Anyone in the Clinton Township area going through a high asset divorce needs to make sure that he or she has all of his or her financial matters in order. Leaving things to chance, on the other hand, can end up putting a person in a very difficult position when it comes to property division.

Country starís wife seeks alimony, custody of children in divorce

No one ever plans on getting divorced when they marry, but things happen and sometimes couples decide that they can no longer be together. When someone in the Clinton Township area decides that divorce is the only answer, he or she will have to make many important decisions, including property division, alimony and possibly child custody and support.

Johnny Weir to divorce husband after two years of marriage

With more same-sex marriages taking place in states around the country, there are also beginning to be more same-sex divorces, as well. Same-sex divorce is fairly new, which means legal officials are still working to determine all the different aspects that come into play when a same-sex couple decides to split. Even though same-sex marriage is not recognized in Michigan yet, there are many gay couples that are fighting for the right to marry or divorce in the state.

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