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Fate of same-sex marriage ban now in the hands of federal judge

Although several states have legalized same-sex marriage, there are many others who have yet to do so, including Michigan. However, many same-sex couples throughout the state, including some in the Clinton Township area, are fighting for the right to marry. Their fight recently made it to federal court.

An ongoing legal battle in the state of Michigan could eventually lead to the state legalizing same-sex marriage. Two women filed the lawsuit after they were denied the opportunity to adopt one another’s children. Although the suit began as a fight for adoption rights, the case has also raised questions regarding Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban. The case has now reached a federal judge, who will reportedly take “weeks” to decide on the case.

Meantime, the suit has also spawned reaction and debate from many people on both sides of the argument. The state is arguing that the bill that was passed in 2004 to ban same-sex marriage, and define marriage as one man and one woman, should be upheld. However, according to a recent poll, 54% of residents of Michigan now support same-sex marriage.

It will be interesting to see how the judge rules in this case, and in turn, what kind of lasting implications it will have on same-sex marriage, as well as other same-sex family law issues, in the state of Michigan. If you are a same-sex couple facing any kind of legal battle, including trying to obtain the same rights and privileges as a married heterosexual couple, then maybe you should contact an experienced non-traditional union lawyer.


Source: The Michigan Daily, “Case may lead to same-sex marriage legalization in Michigan,” Allana Akhtar, Mar. 12, 2104

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