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March 2014 Archives

Fate of same-sex marriage ban now in the hands of federal judge

Although several states have legalized same-sex marriage, there are many others who have yet to do so, including Michigan. However, many same-sex couples throughout the state, including some in the Clinton Township area, are fighting for the right to marry. Their fight recently made it to federal court.

Same-sex marriage decision expected soon

In Michigan and all around the United States, gay and lesbian couples are fighting battles to be able to marry legally. The division on this issue in the country is great with some states allowing legal same-sex marriages and others staunchly opposing such non-traditional unions. Michigan law currently allows for cohabitation agreements but not legal marriage.

Caution urged regarding marital debt after a divorce

Concerns about dividing both marital assets and marital debts are frequently among the most hotly contested portions of a divorce proceeding for Michigan spouses. The ultimate property division not only affects ownership of assets but can affect the payment of spousal support or other settlement terms. Laws governing equitable division in Michigan work to ensure fair agreements but they cannot always prevent every challenge.

Can spousal support be stopped in the face of cohabitation?

When getting divorced in Michigan, husbands and wives must sort out numerous issues. Divorce settlements frequently need to outline specifics regarding the separation of marital assets and liabilities, a monthly payment amount for alimony or child support, child visitation schedules and more. The income of each person and his or her ability to earn a living can contribute to the ultimate determination of financial support from one spouse to the other.

Some may file for ex-spouse's Social Security benefits

Divorcing husbands and wives in Michigan have many issues to attend to. Property division, business division, spousal support and potentially child support are just some of the common areas about which settlements must be reached. Some topics involve assets and liabilities that are concrete today, like a house or car. Others, however, can involve assets more likely to affect a person’s future. Retirement accounts, pension fund and social security benefits are some such examples.

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