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February 2014 Archives

Attorney General enacts equal rights for gay couples

While same-sex couples in Michigan are still not allowed to marry under state law, they continue to press on for their rights. In the meantime, people in non-traditional unions can take advantage of what the law does allow. This may include the forming cohabitation agreements or the participating in gay and lesbian adoption. No matter how each couple chooses to address the situation, most still hope that the trend will continue to allow more rights to gay or lesbian partners.

Marriages may suffer when economy grows

Many Michigan couples, like their counterparts in other states, are able to breathe a little easier as the country’s economy continues to improve and come out of the recent recession. For some, a family vacation is once again able to be planned or that new car can be purchased. Such things can help to improve the feeling that one has about life and stresses can begin to reduce in some areas. However, a good economy cannot protect people from every challenge that life can have. This includes the challenges associated with creating divorce settlements.

Personal responsibility for financial health encouraged

Any couple getting divorced in Michigan is aware that the potential financial impact of a marital split can be severe. Whether a high asset divorce, one that involves business division or complex property division, the options for financial losses on the part one either or both spouses is real. Along with a need to be fair and follow the law, each party understandably needs to protect his or her assets and future livelihood. That can entail anything from retirement accounts to interest in a business and more.

Prenuptial agreement basics for Michigan couples

In the past, prenuptial agreements have often been considered a tool only for very rich persons. Other residents in Michigan may have viewed such contracts as negative and a means of planning for divorce. Today's reality, however, is different and many people are understanding more about the benefits of identifying any potential property division, business division or other agreements before entering into a marriage. The ability to make such determinations together gives some couples renewed confidence.

Decisions regarding pets can be difficult in a divorce

When facing a divorce, couples in Michigan have a seemingly endless list of issues with which to deal. From spousal support to property division, the range of topics is varied and complex. Within the realm of property division can fall many sub-topics as well. These can include a couple’s home, automobiles, vacation home, bank accounts, retirement accounts and even business assets. The need to determine what is marital property and what is non-marital property can also be a challenge at times and directly affect the ultimate settlement.

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